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Delighting in the details is a common mantra for me. There is even a book on this topic that suggests that “good enough” is no longer good enough and that our success is contingent on the details and intention that we bring to our work. I often practice an exercise where I carefully examine all the details in rooms or paintings in order to fully appreciate what makes them so special. It is not uncommon to hear me say “the sum of the parts,” as each item in a space contributes to the whole.

Textiles in particular bring me so much delight. Lace is one textile that I have not readily employed in my work, but it is one that has always fascinated me. Lace has never felt especially grounded to me and it isn’t intended to be….it is delicate and open like a soft spun web; descriptors I do not necessarily identify with but ones I probably strive for. Lace, like spices, has been around for centuries and was a hot commodity in the trade market. Essentially - if it has a story, I am instantly attracted.

Lace Textile

Lace Textile

Today I am sharing a new favorite in the trade market: Terrafirma ceramics. Ok, they are newish to me. Terrafirma creates ceramics by painting through textiles and LACE by painting through the textile with liquid porcelain. Textiles + porcelain = instant attraction.

The best part is that it is microwave, oven, and dishwasher safe. Saying goodbye to my basic white has never been easier and I wanted to share a few of the favorites I will be using to complete my July 4th festivities.

Stop into our shop to see more colors and the complete collection. Happy Birthday America!

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Using non traditional vessels, like this antique tin, for flowers puts a traditional spin on more graphic pieces.


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Terrafirma ceramics use lace overlays and allow the porcelain to pass through making each piece a work of art.

long horn spoon.JPG

Drink stirring just got easier with these long horn drink stirrers. Bye bye random teaspoon.


Scroll through the gallery below to check out more Terrafirma ceramics that are in our SCW store & to also see some more inspo for your Fourth of July table!